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Selfie Drone (Volume Discount)

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Selfie Drone (Volume Discount)


The Keyshare Kimon drone is the first selfie drone that has been built with portability in mind. The drone comes with a replaceable battery, a high definition 16 mega-pixel camera for taking photographs and videos and five different selfie taking modes to boot — including 360-degree panoramas, follow shot, panoramic selfie and standard selfie operated by Android/iOS App.

There’s a hover-selfie mode (made possible by altitude hold), which enables the drone to hover three meters over the ground and take selfies indoor, without the use of GPS. The drone itself is controlled using the accelerometer of a smartphone.

Besides all the bells and whistles constituted by the burst mode, slow motion video, time-lapse photography and high-def video (including 4K/25fps video) recording. 

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Volume Discount, no coupons accepted. 

Order minimum 25 Keyshare Selfie Drones for 20% discount plus shipping, handling, and insurance. 

Contact: info@brandsocialwatch.com


  • Weight: 500g
  • Battery: 3s/2000mAh/10C
  • Maximum ascent speed: 3m/s
  • Maximum descent speed: 1.5m/s
  • Maximum flight speed 3m/s(GPS) GPS mode, no wind
  • Flight time 12-15 minutes
  • Operating temperature: 10-40°C
  • Navigation system: GPS/built-in GPS
  • Flight mode GPS (a key take-off, hover, landing, return)
  • Flight relative height: 50m
  • Flight relative horizontal distance: 100m
  • Special features:
    • App smart control using mobile phone and tablet
    • Camera resolution and control: 4K for video, HD1080P 24FPS
    • Follow me feature
    • One key share images and pictures to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and Instagram
    • Wi-Fi video transmission
    • GPS mode, manual mode flight and headless mode
    • One key return (automatic return to home point), automatic return back when low power
    • Hovering and circling for place of interests
    • OSD telemetry showing the battery status at any time
    • Way point or point to point flight
    • Low battery warning when flight and RTL (return to launch) when low power
    • Safe distance setting and indoor hovering
    • Long flight time for 15 min
    • 45 angle and 360 angle rotating selfie drone with beautify function



Control methodApp

Remote distance100m, height: 50m

Camera resolution4K HD1080P recording

StorageCan be extend 32G

Photo taking and recordingYes

Real time sharingYes 

Real time sharingYes (video and photo)

BeautifyYes (photo)

Smart selfieEasy control near and far flying

GimbalNo (anti shake DSP and wide angle)

Video transmissionWi-Fi 

Auto-returnYes (return when out of control)

Auto-followYes (keep safe distance)

360 circulationYes

Flight time15 minutes (replaceable battery)

One key share featureYes, can one-key share pictures, videos to Wechat, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram